Silk Rug Owners Prefer & Trust Us: Here’s Why

For thousands of years, silk rugs have been sought after by human beings, in large part because they look and feel so wonderful. But silk rugs don't only have appealing qualities. There are some downsides to owning silk rugs as well. One of these is that you'll have to maintain these rugs regularly, because if you don't, they could get dirty, damaged, or even ruined.
When you need silk rug maintenance, which mainly comes in the form of cleaning, it's at this point that you should reach out to our experts. We have been delivering silk rug and carpet cleaning in NYC for years, and these days we are still going above and beyond for all those who need our help. We understand the importance of silk rug cleaning, and this is why we’ll work to make your rugs not only spotless but sanitary as well.

Our Services

Rug Cleaning

We only clean rugs with the best cleaning products and tools. Our licensed and certified rug cleaning experts are always up-to-date on leading cleaning methods as well.


Rug Restoration & Repair

We can help you if you need rug restoration services. Restoring rugs is something we've been doing for years. Your rug will be flawless when we're done with it.


We Can Clean Silk Rugs And Other Rugs Too

It's true that our team often cleans silk rugs, but this doesn't mean that these are the only rugs we clean. In short, we can clean any rug or carpet that comes to our shop. We are not limited in any way, and we've even cleaned rugs that are hundreds of years old. And if your rug has a complex design, this won't be a problem either. We'll execute cleaning in a timely manner and for an affordable price. Here are the rugs that NYC rug owners often need us to clean:
Sheepskin rugs
Area rugs
Shag rugs
Jute rugs
Navajo rugs
Synthetic rugs
Polyester rugs
Wool rugs
Oriental rugs
Moroccan rugs
Kilim rugs
Turkish rugs
Bamboo rugs


Why NYC Rug Owners Swear By Us

If you're in NYC and you own silk rugs and carpets, then you should get in touch with our team. Homeowners and business owners in the area have been swearing by us for years, and that's because we've been dedicated to delivering first-rate service since day one. In a referrals-based business like this, everyone wins when exceptional service is delivered and then recommended. We attribute our ever-growing client list to our commitment and refined skills.


We Can Deliver Green Silk Rug Cleaning

If you want us to clean your rugs with only eco-friendly and non-toxic products, we will be happy to satisfy this request. This service is often sought by parents and pet owners. You also won't have to worry about the cleaning products damaging your rugs; we've been using these products to clean silk rugs for years. With these products, effective cleaning will still be delivered, just without harmful chemicals being utilized. This means silk rug cleaning doesn't have to come at a cost to the environment.